The Spiritual Leader Volume 9

 We are a nation and a world desperate for men and women of God to lead.  Today you begin or continue that journey.  As Joshua directed the people of Israel I also direct you, “Choose this day who you will serve.”  As leaders in this modern world we can be tempted to follow the latest fad or chase after money, fame or power.  Will you serve those idols or will you choose to serve the King of Kings and Lord of Lords?

Read Nehemiah chapter 2

 The theme of chapter 2 is AWARENESS!

Nehemiah 2:6

As a leader it becomes easy to assume that others will follow through in a timely manner just like you would. This would be a dramatic mistake.  We must work to become aware of human nature.  It is amazing how many things can get done during a crisis.  Emergencies can fill us full of adrenaline and energy to fulfill the missions before us.  While a real crisis is a great motivator, it can also be devastating.  One tactic that you can use is to create minor disasters.   We see the king in this verse asking for details and setting a time limit on Nehemiah.  Letting our leaders pick a time will give you a sense of where they are in their thinking.  Make sure that the time limit is appropriate and on track for what you need.  But if you do not set a time limit be aware that other tasks with time limits will get the priority from those that you lead.

Nehemiah 2: 7-8

Nehemiah took the time to determine the actual cost of the project. Men and women of faith tend to just have faith to believe that whatever it costs God will handle it.  This is true at some level but Jesus commends those that plan ahead.

Luke 14:28 "Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. Won't you first sit down and estimate the cost to see if you have enough money to complete it?


Pray for the full amount.  Also be aware that for most projects it will take longer and cost more than you could ever imagine up front.  A good procedure is to walk through your vision of the project.  Imagine the walls built.  Imagine decorations and armaments on the wall.  Consider every aspect of the project.  Consider the building codes and other players that must be involved.  An extra challenge for us optimists is to consider the worst case scenario.  Think through all of the issues that could take place and if needed round up some safety focused friends to help you see the potential disasters.

Nehemiah 2: 10

Opposition will come.  Ultimately, if you are doing God’s work there will be opposition.  While we will cover this in detail in a future blog, it is good to simply be aware right now.  You do not want to be caught surprised.  Don’t be shocked when the enemy tries to destroy your life.  Monitor your thought life. Recognize voices that don’t sound like you.  Often times angry thoughts, suicidal thoughts or other sinful thoughts will begin to manifest themselves.  This is the enemy.  He wants to disrupt your efforts.  Rebuke him and move on.  Pray that Jesus will walk with you.  Pray for Him to vanquish the enemy.  You have great value even with these thoughts.

Nehemiah 2:11-16


Visionary leaders often can get lost in the details.  There is so much data and so much information.  While it is wise to include others in the reconnaissance for the project and you can delegate the responsibility for the investigation.  You must be aware of the details.  Look for the real situation.  Look for sin in the camp. (Read Joshua 7).  Examine in depth the character and motives of those that bring you information.  Research is critical for ultimate success.  Ultimately the only thing that I fear is what I don’t know.  Who on my team is verbally supporting the efforts but really hates the idea and wants to undermine the program.  Who loves the plan but has a sick spouse or is otherwise distracted.  No matter the size of the project what you don’t know can derail the whole process.  Seek to know as much as possible.  On the other end, don’t gather all of the information that you can and then drive forward.  Give yourself time limits to your decisions.  Then go for it, even if you are missing pieces of the puzzle.

Never make a decision until you need to, never put off a decision simply because your are missing data that may or may not come to you.

Nehemiah 2: 17

Cast a BIG vision.  But at the same time keep it simple.

Nehemiah 2:18-20

Naysayers will always be there. Do not let them distract you!  Keep your eyes and ears focused on the King of Glory.  Follow His lead.  Remember that this is His vision.  He stands opposed on a regular basis.  Do not whine!

As a leader make yourself aware of as much as possible. Learn to notice small changes in the temperature and atmosphere in your organization.  Awareness does not mean that you do not press forward, it simply means pressing forward more intelligently.

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