The Spiritual Leader Volume 1

Somewhere in the world there is a Muslim man. He is a father of three children. He is a good husband and is faithful to study the Koran daily and actively with great discipline follows all of the tenants of his faith.  When the news shows terrorist attacks he is disappointed in those who are not being faithful to what he knows is written in the Koran.  Often he is disgusted by the hate speech to and from others of his religion.  Often he thinks of reaching the infidels and how he can woo them to what he considers the true faith.

Generally he is a good man, but he would say that his thought life is not what it should be. Every day he prays for his children, for his wife and family.  He works hard and obeys the law. As of late he has a constant thought, actually more of a longing to evangelize Christians and dreams of coming to the United States to lead them to the truth.  He prepares his heart to do just that.

I do not fear terrorists. They can only hurt my body.  I fear the good, respectable person who intends to come to lead my children and eventual grandchildren away from the faith.  The Muslim man pictured here is also represented by similar men who are Hindus and Buddhists and other faiths.  They are preparing to take our nation through peaceful means.  I believe with the lack of Spiritual depth that most people in our nation have today that they would succeed.

Let me be clear. I am not proposing building a physical wall or making laws to stop these men and women from coming to the United States.  Actually I want to see an Army of men and women of God prepared and ready to receive them with the Truth of God’s Word.  With the Sword of the Spirit and our testimony many of those who currently do not reverence the name of Jesus above all other names will be saved.  That is, if, we are prepared to meet them.

This nation currently has no sense of real and authentic truth. When these men and women come to our land our fellow citizens will be easy pickings.  Before long, the Christian beliefs that we hold so dear will evaporate.  The level of Biblical illiteracy is incredibly low today and even consistent church goers often know very little about the Bible.

Jesus, though, is the only way to Heaven. Are you prepared to lead a peaceful revolution in your community?  Using the inspiration, power and influence of the Holy Spirit are you God’s man or woman on the ground ready to take on the apathy and strengthen the Spiritual character of those around us?

Nehemiah was a man living in a very pagan land, yet he loved God. He longed to be faithful to the weeping heart that was causing him to dream of his homeland.  While the story that we will explore in this series, is centered on the building of a wall.  It is really more about a community coming together and solving problems and making things work better.  Nehemiah was a man used by God to bring together people who were coming from different cultures, different economic classes, different levels of belief and more.

Nehemiah built a physical wall to keep out enemies. But his greatest accomplishment was uniting believers, calling them to a higher level and bringing worship into the center of Jerusalem.

The Spiritual leader will be able to bring together the forces of good and bring glory to God. He will stand in opposition to those who are wicked.  (Wicked refers to those that who are opposed to the ways of God.)

The Spiritual leader is the man or woman who is disciplined and focused on Jesus and has the ability to get his eyes off of himself long enough to take the risks needed to make his community better.

The Spiritual leader is a dreamer who takes action to make those dreams come true.

The Spiritual leader is a man who listens, prays and takes action.

The Spiritual leader is needed today more than ever.

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