The Rise of the Spiritual Leader Volume 26

We are a nation and a world desperate for men and women of God to lead.  Today you begin or continue that journey.  As Joshua directed the people of Israel I also direct you, “Choose this day who you will serve.”  As leaders in this modern world we can be tempted to follow the latest fad or chase after money, fame or power.  Will you serve those idols or will you choose to serve the King of Kings and Lord of Lords?

Read Nehemiah chapter 8

 The theme of chapter 8 A Celebration in Unity


Zig Zigler told a parable that I heard recently.  A man was taken on a quick tour of Hell and Heaven.  When he got to Hell he was shown a huge banquet spread filled with all of the great foods that we all love to eat.  Around the table were lots of cranky and angry people who were all obviously hungry.  The man was then taken to Heaven where he saw a similar spread.    Around this table, people were laughing and joking with great joy and celebration.  The people sitting there were well nourished.  The tour complete the man asked his guide what was going on?  Nodding, the tour guide explained that if the man had noticed the silverware at the tables?  The man shook his head in the negative.  Well at both feasts the people are required to eat with silverware and the forks, spoons and knives are all 3 foot long.  In Hell they are unhappy  because they only work to feed themselves.  In Heaven they are filled with joy because they feed each other across the table.


The point of the story is that when we work together we can all prosper and do well.

Nehemiah 8:1

We must make the choice that we will look beyond this idea of working together simply as an obligation.  Can we begin to look at this as an opportunity for us all to get better?  In order to pull this off we must look deliberately for the things that bind us.

Things like a common heritage.  For those of us that are in the faith we can trace back our history to Jesus.  His example, His Words and His glorious resurrection belong to all of us.  Our common faith can draw us together.  Looking farther back we can see the law of Moses speaking to us and calling us to a higher standard.  Let us look at those things and not get so centered on our differences.

Nehemiah 8:2


First we must gather together those who can understand that we are living for the Kingdom of God, not for our own individual kingdoms.  We still have in all of our communities those that are in favor of separation and live with a mindset of division.  They see enemies in our differences.  My brothers and sisters in Christ, we might disagree on a great many things.  That does not make you my enemy.  In the body of Christ we have one enemy and that is Satan.  He leads his minions against the church and he is more successful when we live a divided lifestyle.  As a Spiritual leader I am calling all of us to look for the opportunities in our differences.

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