Rise of the Spiritual Leader Volume 42 Conclusion

The Spiritual Leader 42

 We are a nation and a world desperate for men and women of God to lead.  Today you begin or continue that journey.  As Joshua directed the people of Israel I also direct you, “Choose this day who you will serve.”  As leaders in this modern world we can be tempted to follow the latest fad or chase after money, fame or power.  Will you serve those idols or will you choose to serve the King of Kings and Lord of Lords?

Read Nehemiah chapter 13

 The theme of chapter 13 No Compromise with the World

If we learn nothing else from movies, we should know to never make a deal with the devil.  He is very real, he cannot be trusted.  He is the father of lies and he does not simply want to hurt you.  He wants to destroy you and your legacy.  Pay attention!

While most Christians won’t literally sign in blood on some contract as Hollywood would portray it, every time we compromise our faith and our love of Jesus we have made a deal with Satan.


Nehemiah 13:20-21

As we make the changes that are much needed, there will be push back and a request for compromise.  Some will even demand what they call grace but is really just a demand to look the other way.  This is not love.  Love is looking in the eye of those we love and let them know that we are serious.  We love them as they are and also love them too much to let them stay the way that they are.  We must hold the line.  Our current society takes great pleasure in ridiculing the righteous.  Most of our culture will ignore or simply pay lip service to the Word of God.  They demand that we submit to their demands and let them live life by their own terms.

Nehemiah will not compromise.  He takes his stand.  So should we.


Nehemiah 13:22


You are a leader.  What sort of plans and systems have you established so that your God given vision and direction can outlast you?  We are all expendable.  Do not leave your organization or family or church or community in a deficient when you are gone.  Great leaders establish a legacy.


Nehemiah 13:23-27

More compromise is noted.  As great as a leader as Nehemiah is, there will always be this natural slide away from the right way to do things and the right way to honor God.  As a leader it is important to continue to rise to the occasion and put things back on course.  Note that they had resolved to fix this issue back in verse 3.  Resolutions often have short life spans. Consider New Year’s Resolutions that last less than week 1.  A better solution is to resolve daily to live different.

Be non- compromising with the Truth of God’s Word.  Choose, resolve to live in complete obedience to Him and His Word daily.

Nehemiah 13:28-31

Focus on personal discipline.  You can only control you and notice how little disciplines strengthen you overall.  Additionally, we must choose wisely who we hang around.  No matter our intentions we will become more like them than we want.  Choose men and women who are made of iron.  Iron will sharpen iron.  Strive to live a solid life.  Those that are compromising the Gospel must be given over to God.  Don’t work harder on their growth than they are will to do.








Rise of the Spiritual Leader Overview

  • Remember the legacy of Solomon: He started strong and as a great example but he is remembered for sin and rejecting God.
  • Complete your God given mission with excellence
  • Do God’s Will DAILY
  • Take time to rest and honor the Sabbath
  • Be still and remember God
  • Choose your friends wisely.

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