Shelter Services

Do you need a safe place to sleep tonight?  Are you ready for life change?  We believe in you and want to help you make the changes that will help you achieve your God given dreams.  Check out our intake criteria and call GRM at 918-682-3489 to find out more.

We will make room for you. NOTE: We are a clean and sober facility.

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Intake Criteria

Gospel Rescue Mission is more than a shelter. We are a center for life change. All potential shelter guests should understand and agree to the following before being considered for check in to GRM:

* Be willing and desirous to get a job. Each guest should either be employed full time or actively seeking full time employment.

* Complete GRIT-U Extension requirements within 3 weeks. Every unemployed guest will be registered in a series of classes (extensions) called GRIT-U. These classes cover topics such as goal setting, time management, money management, resume’ writing, and spiritual and social issues. You have three weeks to complete the extension. There are 3 total extensions. In order for a guest to stay, they must either find full time employment or complete the extension on time.

* Commit to get sober/stay sober. This is a center for life change. Each check-in process requires a drug screen. While a failed drug screen does not disqualify you from the program, understand your checking in indicates your willing to get sober and stay that way. We will retest at the appropriate time and you must be found clean of drugs. We also perform random UA’s and breathalyze before every meal. Any use of drugs or alcohol during you stay will result in an automatic exit.

* Attend chapel and community meetings. We have chapel nearly every day and attendance is mandatory. We also have task meetings and community meetings which are mandatory. This is a Christ-centered environment and lack of chapel attendance will not be tolerated.

* Complete assigned tasks and keep personal space clean. Each guest will be assigned tasks which must be complete daily. These tasks include cleaning personal space and making bed, ensuring all items are in locker, as well as general cleanup or kitchen help.

* Dress for Success. We believe in presenting ourselves in the best light possible. We encourage guests to dress in a way that shows they are desirous to find work. Collared shirts and pants for men; blouse and nice pants for women are the standard. On Thursdays, we dress in ties for men and dresses for females.

* Positive attitude. Each guest of GRM should have a positive attitude that shows desire to work, be held accountable to high standards, and reflects the mercy and love of God. We believe a positive attitude will help you succeed in life.

Rescue Operation

The Rescue function of the Mission is at the heart of what we do and is based on Jesus’ instruction to us in Matthew 25:35-36. Our shelter services are located at the Miller Family Center for Life Change at 323 Callahan facility in Muskogee. By providing shelter and three meals a day, it’s our prayer that this temporary assistance might open doors to get our guests back on their feet.

Annually the Gospel Rescue Mission serves over 30,000 meals, provides over 14,000 nights of shelter, and provides benevolence support to those who need help covering the cost of a basic need. The demand for our rescue services has been growing and we could not meet the higher demand without the generous support of our over 1,500 donors. If you would like to help us with providing support to the poor and needy in Muskogee area, please Click Here to Donate, or visit the financial donate page for more information on giving to the GRM.


For our shelter guests they can stay for 3 weeks.  If they complete an online course that we offer to them for free they can earn another 3 weeks.  This course will teach them valuable life skills such as money management, goal setting, responsible renting and more.  Those who have addiction issues can supplement all of that with our Doorways of Hope and through partners that we have developed with Green Country and Celebrate Recovery.  Those with felonies can take our Getting Ahead When Getting Out program to help them overcome barriers there.

Both of those programs are fully open to the community (Even those online courses are open to the community but we charge community members.)