GRM Food Services


For those that are hungry we offer a handup with a meal.

Now we require them to pass a breathalyzer, show an ID and be willing to do a small chore around the mission.

We know that there is greatness in every one of our guests and we are in the business of helping them to discover it. 

With that in mind we welcome anyone in the community to eat meals at the Miller Family Center for Life Change for 30 days while working on the Life Change Course. 

Click on the Food Services Logo or here to begin the course.

Once the course is complete we will coach you through personal goal setting and extend your time eating meals at GRM. 

NOTE: If you don’t complete the course over the next 30 days you will only be allowed to eat at GRM during the Tuesday lunches until you complete the course.


Food Baskets

For those who want to cook for themselves they can get a handup with 3-4 days worth of food by attending a Doorways of Hope meeting or a Community meeting that is held every Thursday at 9am.


Community Meetings

In that meeting we cover topics like how to get a job, basic health issues and other community concerns.