GRM Food Services


For those that are hungry we offer a handup with a meal.

Now we require them to pass a breathalyzer and show an ID

We know that there is greatness in every one of our guests and we are in the business of helping them to discover it. 

With that in mind we welcome the following to eat meals at the Miller Family Center for Life Change  

  • Shelter guests as always can eat each meal.

  • Those who are active in Getting Ahead When Getting Out Course

  • Those who are active in Parenting University

  • Those that come with Muskogee Community Service Team

  • Those with an employment paystub

  • GRM Volunteers and staff

  • Those who are part of the Guided Volunteer Corp

Food Baskets

For those who want to cook for themselves they can get a handup with 3-4 days worth of food by attending a Doorways of Hope meeting or a Community meeting that is held every Thursday at 9am.

Community Meetings

In that meeting we cover topics like how to get a job, basic health issues and other community concerns.