Quest for Holiness Part 9

Quest for Holiness coverslide

Deuteronomy 11:26-28 Living Bible (TLB)

“I am giving you the choice today between God’s blessing or God’s curse! There will be blessing if you obey the commandments of the Lord your God that I am giving you today, and a curse if you refuse them and worship the gods of these other nations.

OBEY the commands of the Lord and you will see blessing.  A cursing will appear if you disobey.  How simple is that?  How much more clearly can God make it?  This is the way of the Lord; He calls us even desires that we experience all of His great blessings.  All of the other gods make BIG promises.  They look good in the commercials.  The gods of pornography, gods of drugs and gods of greed all call out to us.  They tell us that they are full of life and joy.  But in reality they all destroy life, most of them slowly and painfully.  They kill us.  Sadly we don’t even notice.  We are a lazy people who refuse to search out the Truth and this has led us into a curse.  So dig into His Word.  Study it and obey it.  Follow His commands, I implore you!  Obey Him in the very depths of your being.  Capture your thoughts, make them one in Christ.  Push through the temptations and see His blessings.

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