Quest for Holiness Part 7

Quest for Holiness coverslide

You shall be holy to me, for I the LORD am holy and have separated you from the peoples, that you should be mine.  –Leviticus 20:26

This is a command.  This is not a request or something that you should do if you get around to it.  “You shall be holy.”  We must be different than the rest of the world.  If we insist on dressing, talking and acting just like everyone else; than we are failing to be holy.

Now I do not believe that Jesus would have us walk around in bizarre Puritan era garments, hands folded with a smug look upon our faces.  I don’t even think Jesus would say no to rock and roll, rap or movies.    The Scriptures do call for modesty and wise discernment in what we use to entertain ourselves.  But beyond that Jesus is looking at the heart.

Why are you wearing that dress?  Is it to turn the head of your husband or to draw a man to you?  Men are you working out so that you are healthy or are you doing it so that girls will look at you?  Be honest in your evaluation of your motives.  Some movies should be avoided if they glorify evil, inspire evil or especially if they call evil good.  Other movies or music might be good or bad.  Search your heart.  I plead with you to allow God to speak to you.  Listen to Him!  Some things might be restricted for a season others for a lifetime.  To be holy we must seek time with God.  He is our hope for holiness.  He is what makes us holy.  Moses glowed from the holiness of God, not because of anything he had said or done; but because he had been with God.

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