Quest for Holiness Part 52

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1 Thessalonians 4:1- 7

  Finally, our friends, you learned from us how you should live in order to please God. This is, of course, the way you have been living. And now we beg and urge you in the name of the Lord Jesus to do even more. For you know the instructions we gave you by the authority of the Lord Jesus. God wants you to be holy and completely free from sexual immorality. Each of you should know how to live with your wife in a holy and honorable way, not with a lustful desire, like the heathen who do not know God. In this matter, then, none of you should do wrong to other Christians or take advantage of them. We have told you this before, and we strongly warned you that the Lord will punish those who do that. God did not call us to live in immorality, but in holiness.


 Together we have been on this quest for a full year now.  Look back on your life.  Are you doing what it takes to grow in holiness?  Remember this is not a statement of high and mighty thinking, but rather a separation from the ordinary component of this world.  Additionally, it is a drawing close to God and allowing our every thought and action to better reflect Him.  It could be seen as scraping away the paint to discover a mirror.  That would be the moment of salvation.  From there you are continually cleaning the mirror. But this mirror does not fully reflect you but actually the Creator.

Church and Poverty

We CAN please God.  He is walking amongst us watching intently the behaviors of His people.  Would He be pleased with me?  Would He feel compelled to brag about my righteousness to angels and other created beings that might be around Him (Think Job)?  Would He tell others about my love for people beyond my own abilities?  Does He see my self-control or do I surrender too much to the lust of the eyes and give up to the passions of my own spirit?  Does my ambition prevent me from seeing God at work?  How often have my thoughts betrayed my desire to live a pure and faultless life?

Make me an instrument of use to You oh Lord! Help me to live a life that is pleasing in Your sight.

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