GRM on Prayer July 29

GRIT Series blog 1

I have often heard prayers that sound as if the speaker wanted to give a speech or let him/herself be heard more than a conversation with God.  My heart is not touched by such prayers.  I seek a real and true relationship with my God.

Pray with me

Jesus I repent of my sins both active and passive.  I confess that my thought life has often shown a disregard for who you are and Your divine power.  I take action when I should sit still and then I sit still when I should take action.  Forgive me King Jesus.  You are my God.  I submit to Your will and Your way. 

Save our nation.  Save us from ourselves before we destroy the very fabric of who we really are.  Bring to an end the idol worship in America.  The idol worshippers have become bold, they say You are not real.  They scorn your ways and rejoice over the slaughter of children.  Bring justice and salvation Jesus.

Cleanse me oh Lord.  Help me to love my neighbor and live fully for You.  Be real in my life.


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