Financial Help


Together we can do great things and we understand that sometime we find ourselves behind.

Gospel Rescue Mission can help with utility bills, rent, deposits and any other bill other than fines.

Below are the steps to get our help:NOTE   Everyone who would like to get financial help must also show proof of employment or be an active participant in Bridges out of Poverty or a part of an approved GRM program.

Feel free to take the course as often as you like.  However, the financial help piece can only be used once in a lifetime.

  • Step 1 Pass the Grit U Financial Help Course This course will require a $20(Non-refundable) investment up front.  NOTE: It takes at least a week to complete the course.


  • Step 2: Visit with Rich at GRM, show paystub or confirmation of being part of an approved program and pass drug test.

918-682-3489 to set up course follow up discussion

  • Step 3: Set up Life Plan( goal/bill payment agreement plan) and get one bill paid  just for completing the course.

  • Step 4: Accomplish your goals and get additional bills paid



  • Money Management

  • Time Management

  • Basic Goal Setting

  • Healthy Habits

  • Responsible Renter

  • Conflict Resolution

  • More

These classes are offered on line at


Once classes are completed we will help you set goals and give you the incentive to accomplish those goals by paying select bills.