Robert’s Story

Robert has worked ever since he can remember.  His eyes light up when he talks about his work as a tree trimmer.  Earlier this year he was making good money, about a thousand dollars a week.  On a rare vacation break he took a trip and his car was run over by a cement truck.  Suddenly, the stable and contented life that Robert was living came to an abrupt halt.

Things are a bit cloudy for Robert after the accident.  He knows that he was driving near Grove, Oklahoma when the accident occurred.  The next memory he has is waking up in Springfield, Missouri with multiple injuries.  After a short season of rehab, Robert needed to find a place to live.  He made his way by staying with friends and often went hungry.  It is certain that his healing was negatively impacted by his lack of food during this season.  Robert refused to complain.  The accident gave him some new insight and he worked diligently to make amends with several ex-wives and other family.  He desired to make his life right.

Since he had an ex-wife and child in Muskogee, Oklahoma he made his ultimately made his way to Muskogee.

While he knows that many men would simply give up Robert says, “I have this determination in my head.”  As he continues to work to make amends from his past and heal from his injuries he is getting love, support and encouragement at the Miller Family Center for Life Change.  While the recovery is hard, consistent meals and rehabilitation exercises are helping him grow stronger every day.

As his body and relationships heals, Robert also discovered that his spirit needed healing.  He hungers for more each day.  He loves the chapel services and even the weekly field trip to Antioch Church where he hears God speak to him.  “God never gave up on me!”

Robert’s dream is get back to tree trimming and earning a living.  In the meantime he is active in his efforts to heal.

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