Charles’s Story

 Until recently Charles was living in his car in Tahlequah, Oklahoma.  In July he was divorced from his wife of 28 years and was still trying out how to live life alone and without his legs.

Diabetes has slowly taken his legs from him and it made employment difficult to do and to find.  He began to see himself as unimportant and not needed in this world.

“When your living in your car with no companions and no job, you have time to think.  I was tired of feeling sorry for myself.  I was tired of other people feeling sorry for me.  I needed a change.”

That is when Charles ended up at the Gospel Rescue Mission.  There he was welcomed, loved and accepted.  The Miller Family Center for Life Change is blessed to have a disability accessible bathroom that made it easier for Charles to take care of his personal needs.  When it came time for chores instead of looking at all he couldn’t do, staff asked him what he could do.  “I could do more than I thought I could,” reported Charles.  Soon he was going above and beyond the expectations of the staff.

Over his weeks at GRM Charles learned to love the social element of being around the other guys.

“I had forgotten what it was like to have friends.”  Not only did he make friends with the men of the mission Charles also discovered a new found faith and a relationship with Jesus.

Taking this new belief with him, Charles now lives in an apartment and is looking for someone to look past his prosthetics and give him a part time job.

“I want a job so that I can take a day off and go fishing,” Charles says with a smile.  He believes the job will give him purpose and a reason to get out of bed daily.

“Thank you for all that you have done for me.  Please pray that I keep this faith and find a job.”

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