Get Grit Part 6

grit 4

Think of Rocky in Rocky IV.  He is training to step in the ring with a giant of a man who has killed his good friend.  He is training in the harshest of environments. (More on that idea in a later blog.)  He is thousands of miles from those that he loves.  At this point he does not need the money.  Why is he doing this?  (Really there would not have been a movie if he just kicked back and enjoyed his fame and fortune.)  Regardless of the reasons it would be easy for a man to quit in such a situation.  Little to gain, much to lose yet he does not quit.  Before him is the picture of the man he is to fight.  Always before him is the dream.  That is the way we must be always on this journey.  It is the dream before us that keeps us in the fight.

Think of Jesus being rejected and abandoned by his so called friends.  He could call legions of angels to defend Him.  Yet he does not throw in the towel.  He is obedient to a gruesome death.  The Bible describes Him turning His face toward Jerusalem where He will be killed.  That is His dream.  That is what keeps Him going.  His death will give life to His friends (that includes us by the way).  He will fulfill His dream.

Think today about your own vision for your life.  If it was not difficult everyone would be doing it.  You will face obstacles, challenges and disappointments.  You must not quit.  Press in.  Turn your face toward your destiny and live.


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