Get Grit Part 48

Inspirational-leaders-who-did-what-was-right ON Racism

I have spent much time considering racism as of late.  It is a factor in causing poverty.  What will it take for us to begin to see people for their character and no for the color of their skin?  Recently I was listening to Fredrick Douglas’s book “The Life and Times of Fredrick Douglas”.  In the book Fredrick shares his adventures in England.  There he had no trouble getting into hotels, restaurants or public transportation.  While there he visited with the last surviving member of the crew that had worked to bring an end to slavery in the British Empire.  I realized that during his visit that he was in a nation that was only one to two generations removed from slavery.  Somehow in that one generation they were able to get past the skin level issues into the benefit of a character driven society.  I can’t help but wonder how they were able to do so and eleven or so generations later we still don’t have it figured out here in America.

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With all of that said I also want to point out that I know of nobody who demonstrates blatant racism.  No conversations have been overheard about not serving people of another race.  I have heard the term of white privilege.  I am still debating the truth of that concept. But we do have a challenge of white preference.  The strange thing about this is that it is a preference shared by all American races.  I wonder what we can do to remove this preference.  Do you doubt that it is real?  Take the following test and see where you stand: Let me know how you came out.  Data from years of this testing shows the white preference in America from all races, America we can do better.  If you have ideas on how to make this better let me know at any of the contacts below.

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