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Our World is in desperate need of Spiritual Leaders.  Follow this in-depth look at Nehemiah as he builds a wall, leads a people and honors His God.


1 Spiritual Leader Episode 35

Tuesday August 14, 2018  Lesson 13 No compromise with the world!

2 Spiritual Leader Episode 34

Tuesday August 7, 2018.   Lesson 12 Part 2  Let us purify the leadership and see the Kingdom of God come alive.

3 Spiritual Leader Episode 33

Tuesday July 31,2018 Lesson 12 Part 1 Let us pray and take action toward the next Great Awakening.  The theme for this lesson share the good news and let us seek purity.

4 Spiritual Leader Episode 32                Tuesday July 24, 2018   Lesson 11 Leaders take charge 

5 Spiritual Leader Episode 31

Tuesday July 17, 2018 Part 2 of Lesson 10.  Learning obedience is a key to success. 


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