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1 Oh Well Part 2

Tuesday October 2  Water equals life, Life equals hope.  Seek hope.

2 Oh Well Part 1

Tuesday September 25,2018  Water equals life, Life equals hope.  Seek hope.

3 The Journey Part 4

Tuesday September 18, 2018   For those who endure the reward is worth the wait!

4 The Journey Part 3

Tuesday September 11, 2018.    The Journey continues when we take on the walls of Jericho.

5  The Journey Part 2

Tuesday September 4,2018  On the Journey all of us must come face to face with God.  Hopefully, you will continue the journey from survival to life giving success by starting a relationship with the King now.

6 The Journey Part 1            Tuesday August 28, 2018   Everyone must start their journey somewhere.  Are you content with where you are at? 

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