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Enduring Relationships by Johnnie Romo

ENDURING RELATIONSHIPS By Johnnie Romo   As we travel through life we develop deep emotional relationships within the heart scopes of other’s lives. Our internal senses act like a lighthouse for others to see. They may sight our emotional location in the daylight of our hearts where there is no danger of misinterpretation or misdirection.…
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  CURLIE JOE ON THE BRICKS A GOSPEL RESCUE MISSION STORYA light breeze blew the soft blue clouds into shifting shapes visible to those of a heart and mind to look into the afternoon sky of Muskogee, Oklahoma. On that late May Sunday afternoon (2016) Curlie Joe sat in the back lot viewing God's creation…
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Red Light/ Green Light

This is our very first guest blog.  Johnnie Romo learned to evaluate all of his choices in the hopes of learning from his mistakes.  Below is what he learned from Muskogee traffic lights. RED LIGHT GREEN LIGHT I recently found myself driving around Muskogee doing several errands. There were three other individuals in the car…
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