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The Quest to End Poverty in America Final Post

I honestly don’t know if I have all of the answers.  The more research and thinking I do around this topic of poverty the questions that I have.  What does compassion look like?  How can we help those who refuse to help themselves? How can we tell who really is helpless?  What I do know…
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Lillian’s Story

Picture this: A small diminutive tree, mostly dried out, and dying. The branches are brittle, no longer green and pliable, and the leaves are dropping off, drifting off toward the ground. The landscape is trying to reclaim this tree, trying to call it back to the earth from where it came. All but one branch…
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Gay’s Story

Gay was a happily married woman with a great paying job and all of her ducks seemed to be a row. However, a wild hair and the lure of an exciting adventure looming on the horizon was about to disrupt her quiet life. Where would it lead her? Would it be worth it? And was…
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Mr. Brown’s Story

Did your dad ever slip you a sip of their beer when you were a kid? And you probably made that scrunched up face, like, “EWWW! Why do you drink that stuff, Dad?” Well what if instead of just a sip one time, your dad let you drink the entire beer? And what if it…
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