Monthly Archives: November 2017

Dallas’s Story

Dallas had been raised in the church and taught right from wrong. He knew the Scriptures and he had a great understanding of truth and grace.  But once Meth became his idol, life changed. Meth had reduced Dallas from a fun loving, good natured and hard working man to living in his car. For weeks…
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Terry’s Story

Living at the Gospel Rescue Mission makes Terry Holland feel like he belongs to a family. Holland and his wife had their own place and it took both of their salaries to pay for it. They got into an argument and she left, forcing him to move out. When he moved into the mission he…
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April’s Story

April, a Christian, came to the Gospel Rescue Mission two months ago “very down and out and had a hard time relating to God.” Since arriving at the mission, GRM staff provided her spiritual counseling and advice. “I’m re-establishing my faith in God and want to do better for myself,” she said. She is enrolled…
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