Monthly Archives: October 2017

Daniel’s Story

When you imagine Christmas dinner in your home I am sure that you imagine a great Christmas ham or turkey with all of the fixings. But for Daniel the meal he had last Christmas was Ramen noodles with a side of  loneliness, regret and hunger (serious hunger).  Having spent most of his life trying to…
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Sheena’s Story

Sheena wanted to feel loved and fantasized about living as a fairy tale princess; but it seemed like she was always looking for love in all the wrong places.  On a regular basis her romance movie would turn into a horror film.  Her prince charming would suddenly become the beast.  Abusive relationships left her feeling…
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Erin’s Story

Erin has been her worst critic.  As she replays her life in her head she wishes that she could wind things back and make a whole new series of choices.  Her worst regret was the day that she was snooping around and found a credit card that belonged to her parents.  She used that card…
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