Monthly Archives: May 2017

Come Holy Spirit Part 31

Luke 4:1 Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, left the Jordan and was led by the Spirit into the wilderness,   Many today are spending a great deal of money to hire a trainer. I am not opposed to this idea.  We need others to encourage us, push us and inspire us.  The interesting thing…
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Kingdom Come Episode 35

Kingdom Come Episode 35:  Changing the world around us.  Together we can change our community and see a picture of the Kingdom of God PlayPauseStopMute
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GRM on Prayer

This week I challenge us to pray for our real self.  That person that God designed us to be, not the false self that so often is seen by everyone else.  Most of us live a life full of fear of being exposed and we often carry that into our prayer lives.  It is silly…
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