Monthly Archives: July 2016

GRM on Prayer July 29

I have often heard prayers that sound as if the speaker wanted to give a speech or let him/herself be heard more than a conversation with God.  My heart is not touched by such prayers.  I seek a real and true relationship with my God. Pray with me Jesus I repent of my sins both…
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Quest to End Poverty Part 27

Many people like the idea of living life as the good Samaritan as we have laid it out in the past several blog entries.  But then, real life hits.  We get too busy, we are too scared or we simply honestly don't care.  If we are to end poverty in America we must get honest…
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Get Grit Part 48

 ON Racism I have spent much time considering racism as of late.  It is a factor in causing poverty.  What will it take for us to begin to see people for their character and no for the color of their skin?  Recently I was listening to Fredrick Douglas’s book “The Life and Times of Fredrick…
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